Therapy rooms in the centre of Basingstoke

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The Treatment Hub is a newly refurbished clinic in the centre of Basingstoke.

Offering 5 treatment rooms and a large hall to hire, the space is ideal for setting up your practice locally. The Clinic has a reception area to greet guests, plus newly refurbished kitchen and toilets.

All of our rooms are available to use 7-days a week, by:

  • the hour; or
  • half days – 8.30am to 2.30pm or 3pm to 9pm


  • Reception / Waiting Area
  • Visitor Refreshments
  • Car Park 3 Mins Walk
  • Centrally Located
  • Available 7 days a week
  • Open until 9pm weekdays
  • Free WiFi
  • Opportunity to promote your business

willow room

Perfect for talking therapies such as counselling and hypnotherapy, this room offers natural light from the large sash window, includes 2 arm chairs

CEDAR room

Perfect for talking therapies, with plenty of room for couples. This room offers natural light from the large sash window, it include twin 2-seater sofas, a chaise longue and large white board

oak hall

Perfect for group therapy, events and classes, this room offers natural light from 4 large sash windows. The room includes use of tables and chairs set up as required – either seminar or conference/training style.

Hazel Room

Perfect for treatments and therapies such as massage and couples coaching, this room offers natural light from 2 large sash windows, including a 2-seater sofa, massage couch and desk

MAPLE room

With no natural light, this room is perfect for treatments where you need to control the lighting and mood, including twin 2-seater sofas, massage couch and desk

beech room

Perfect for both treatments and therapies, this room offers natural light from the large sash window. Available with either a arm chair or massage couch


What is the layout of your clinic and room sizes?
Is there a minimum hire time?

The minimum hire time is 1-hour and after that in 30min incriments. Please note that if you require the room for a full hour, you will need to hire the room for 1.5hrs to cover overlap. 

How do I access the clinic and the room?

When you book your room we will make arrangements for access. In majority of cases, our team will be available for you. If you wish to see clients outside normal hours, we can arrange access codes for you. 

What is your cancellation policy?
In the event of cancellation please let us know as soon as possible to Cancellation charges will apply.

0-48hrs: 100% Charge
2-5 days: 50% Charge (or full refund if the room is subsequently booked)

What is included with the room hire?

Full access to our services, including WiFi, kitchen and toilet facilities.
Regular bookings also get the benefit of marketing material being made available in the waiting area and on our website

How do I pay for my room hire?

Room hire is paid for in advance. For one-off bookings this is due when the room is booked. For regular monthly bookings this is due on 26 of the month, in advance.
Rooms can be paid for by BACS, Debit or Credit Card

Where can my client wait if they arrive early?

We have a waiting area available for all practitioners with refreshments available for your clients

Book a time to come see us

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