SHAMANIC Drumming meditation

Every Sunday 
11.00am to 12.00 noon

These meditation workshops are unique, as well as being taken through a guided meditation, you will experience healing from shamanic drumming.

Drumming during meditation keeps you in a present and grounded state. When you are in this state, you forget about the stress from the past and minimize any future worries.

In our incredibly busy lives, it is important to have ‘me’ time to balance, harmonise and uplift ourselves, so we can be at our best at all times. It really is easy to get lost within others.


Every Wednesday 
7pm to 8.30pm

Come and learn how to meditate and feel the vast benefits of a regular practice in your day to day life. 

 We will be journeying through breathing, posture and sound. Learning how to create the right space for your practice and what to do to keep up your practice at home and take it into your daily life so you really feel the benefit. 

 As we go along, we will use a variety of meditation techniques and themes throughout the weekly sessions. 

Meditation benefits everyone and our classes are suitable for beginners’ level and upwards.

yoga classes

Dates to follow 
Due to Covid 19 restrictions

We will be running weekly Yoga classes from the Oak room.

Yoga is an ancient form of expertise focusing on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost your physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga classes are for every-body, all sizes, all ages, irrespective of how flexible you may or may not be.  1:1 Classes are also available and can be structured for those with impaired mobility, injury, or disability.  

Sex Education

Coming Soon 2021

Our online Sex Education programme is on it’s way! You will learn about love, sex and relationships, we will be dispelling the myths and talking about sexuality, desire, arousal, anatomy, intimacy and more. Aimed at individuals and couples. We are breaking the taboos around sex. 

Talks, Seminars, Groups

Coming Soon 2021

Many of our practitioners offer informative talks, classes, workshops, wellbeing seminars and group discussions

Due to the current situation with Covid 19, many of our events have had to be postponed, however, it won’t be too much longer now until we have lots of events to offer you. To keep up to date with changes to our upcoming events, please sign up to our newsletter.